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The Tidal Rum Espresso Martini

The Tidal Rum Espresso Martini

Looking for a show stopping cocktail, guaranteed to win you best host? The Tidal Rum Espresso Martini is sure to perk attention – especially with our specially-crafted, 'cafe creme' liquor! 

The Tidal Rum coffee liquor has been developed by the wonderful Simone Malvaso for Tidal, it's been crafted specifically to make at home. Adding this sumptuously tasty liquor to your Espresso Martini creates a cafe créme-inspired elegance  to this classic serve.

The best thing is, the liquor can be made in advance – a great option for seamless hosting that's guaranteed to impress!

Discover the recipe for the Tidal coffee liquor and Tidal Espresso Martini below!

For the Tidal Rum coffee Liquor you'll need:

  • 30g Coffee beans
  • 100ml The Tidal Rum
  • 350g Caster sugar
  • 50g Sea salt
  • 50ml Water
  • 100ml Cold Brew coffee

To make the Tidal Rum Coffee liquor:
Pour the coffee beans into a pan and heat them a la flambé (simply meaning to cook with alcohol!) with all the Tidal Rum. Now add the sugar, sea salt and water. 

Before boiling, use a spoon to take out all the coffee beans. Then put on high heat to boil (157 degrees, if you like the science).

Take the pan off the boil and then slowly pour in the cold brew coffee, stirring as you do so. 

Once cooled, it is ready to serve and can be kept for up to 2 weeks. Store in a dry cool place. 

To make the Tidal Espresso Martini

You'll need:

  • 50ml The Tidal Rum
  • 25ml Tidal Coffee Liquor (recipe above!)
  • 30ml espresso 

To serve:

Shake all ingredients and fine strain (using a simple sieve is fine!) in a chilled small coupe. 

For each serve, pour 20ml of your Tidal Rum Coffee liquor into 50ml of The Tidal Rum and add a 30ml serving of espresso. Garnish with chocolate or coffee beans. 

Fancy a little treat by the side? A cube of chocolate pairs really well with this iconic cocktail. 


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