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The Chocolate Detective by Chantal Coady OBE – An exclusive Rum and Chocolate collection

The Chocolate Detective by Chantal Coady OBE – An exclusive Rum and Chocolate collection

Tidal Rum first met The Chocolate Detective, founded by the incredible Chantal Coady OBE, at a rum and chocolate tasting in London organised by Rendez Vous. We were treated to a number of Chantal’s melt in your mouth chocolates and instantly realised there was great taste (and sea) synergy between us. 

Chantal set up The Chocolate Detective to, in her own words:

Ask lots of awkward questions about choc for example “how can chocolate be slave free?” “how can we all help and support cocoa farmers and small chocolate makers?” “what is the true price of chocolate?” “what does fair trade really mean?” I think you get the message…

Do discover more on this important message here:

We’re excited to partner with Chantal and The Chocolate Detective on a limited-edition collection that features three stunning chocolates from that match-making event – including the wonderful Foraged Fennel White Chocolate which complements Tidal’s own foraged infusion.

Available from June 10th – on The Chocolate Detective's site – this unique collection makes for an extra special, and exquisitely tasty gift for Father's Day this June! (Sunday June 18th).

The Tidal Rum and The Chocolate Detective Collection includes:

  • 1 x The Tidal Rum 70cl
  • 1 x Sea Salt Milk Chocolate 
  • 1 x Foraged Fennel White Chocolate 
  • 1 x Dark Broken Chocolate with Whole Sour Cherries

All chocolate packaging is compostable including the natureflex inner bag.

This unique collection retails for £77 and includes free 24 hour tracked delivery. We are offering a special 10% discount to all our customers using the code TidalRum.

You can also make your own unique selection of chocolate from the range to go with the rum, we suggest the Grenada chocolate co bars or the Orangettes as alternatives. 

Please see further chocolate descriptions below. For full ingredient, nutritional and allergen information, please click through to The Chocolate Detective.

Sea Salt Milk Chocolate

Ecuadorian origin 40% cocoa milk chocolate. Flavoured with Blackthorn Scottish sea salt and given a light shimmer.

Chantal, aka the Chocolate Detective, invented this recipe on a beach in Cornwall in 1998. Whether in bars, wafer thins or this ‘broken’ format sea salt milk chocolate has always been our best seller. The delicate Blackthorn sea salt enhances both the caramel and the delicate cocoa notes of the chocolate.

Foraged Fennel White Chocolate

Another Chocolate Detective original recipe.
Inspired by Chantal’s early childhood in Teheran, cardamom and white chocolate prove to be a classic combination – the cardamom brings a citrussy zing, while the foraged wild fennel seed from a pebbly beach in Kent brings fresh green notes. The small addition of sea salt balances the sweetness.

Dark Broken Chocolate with Whole Sour Cherries 

Cherries and chocolate have a long history.
We love the tartness of these cherries which doesn’t overwhelm the mellow chocolate and gingerbread notes of this fantastic Ecuadorian couverture. Both bag and ribbon are 100% compostable. 

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