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A Tidal Set: The Tidal Rum, Cap & Campfire Mug

A Tidal Set: The Tidal Rum, Cap & Campfire Mug

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Save with our exclusive Tidal set: 1 x 70cl The Tidal Rum; 1 x Tidal Cap and 1 x Campfire enamel mug – perfect for a hot toddy!

Cap is denim blue. One size fits all. 


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The combination of rums gives a full spectrum of flavour, from tropical fruits to dried fruit, salted toffee and long-oaked finish, all enhanced by the deep earthy truffle-nature of the Dulse.


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Tidal is best served as a Tidal Fresh Lime Soda for a deliciously refreshing way to enjoy rum. 

The Tidal

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Two measures of Tidal Rum, topped up with soda and fresh lime over plenty of ice. Finish with a dash of Angostura bitters for a perfect refresher and enjoy! 



Smooth as you like on the rocks, or blended into an unforgettable serve. Let’s mix it up.


Tidal celebrates ocean-inspired creativity every month. Get involved!

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