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The Tidal Rum
The Tidal Rum
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The Tidal Rum

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A golden aged rum blend, born in the Caribbean, slowly aged in oak casks and infused with rare marine botanicals gathered on Jersey’s full moon tides.

The result is a beautifully complex and refined craft rum balanced with deep truffle flavours from our oak-smoked Pepper Dulse seaweed.

70cl 40% vol | Must be of legal age to purchase.

Crafted from a blend of rums distilled in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic, each aged in ex-bourbon white oak casks for between two and three years. This marvellous blend is then enhanced with an infusion of oak-smoked Pepper Dulse seaweed foraged from the tides of Jersey. The deep, earthy truffle taste of this sea botanical balances the rum beautifully, creating a complex and refined drink with layers of subtle, smoky coastal flavours.  

An infusionist rum drink for the end of a long day, the start of a night of adventure, to share with friends or to warm the soul.  Its smooth oak-finished rounded flavour warms, replenishes and evokes memories of the seaboard - reminding you of what life is all about. 

Jersey stockists: Lovewine, Corkscrew, Coop, Wine Warehouses, Morrisons.

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Smooth as you like on the rocks, or blended into an unforgettable serve. Let’s mix it up.


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