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Tidal People - Episode One

Tidal People - Episode One


‘We’ve got one of the widest tidal ranges in the world…it’s kind of like an underwater rain forest… it really is nature’s playground’ 

Introducing you to Kazz, our resident Jersey based forager, who quite simply has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things wild and natural.

Kazz was the one who introduced Founders Ben and Harry to Pepper Dulse, known as ‘the truffle of the sea’. Raw Pepper Dulse has an incredible rich deep and earthy flavour. 


Kazz responsibly harvests the Dulse in season between October and May from sustainable sources. He mentions that when foraging it is important to ‘trim’ rather than pick. Their ambition is to create and maintain an environment in which Dulse can flourish in clean water and optimum conditions. 

"Foraging with Kazz at low tide is great fun and we wanted to share that moment of discovery and intense flavour in our Tidal Rum"
Ben Clyde-Smith & Harry Coulthard 

Embark on your own adventure here:

& for more information email
or call Kazz direct on 07797 886 242

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